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Benefits of Ownership




Boyne Vacation Club

Welcome to the world… all of it. With Boyne Vacation Club, you can enjoy travel and leisure opportunities unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

As a Boyne owner, you can experience the finest lifestyle anywhere: secluded woodland cabins, golf course cottages, exclusive penthouse suites, lakeside and ski-in/ski-out condominiums. Owners have preferred access to world-class golf courses and five acclaimed winter resorts, plus pools, tennis, boating, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.

With ownership, you can exercise your option to join Boyne Vacation Club, the most innovative fractional ownership plan in the world. Boyne Vacation Club is a members-only arrangement with Interval International, the most comprehensive and successful vacation exchange company of its kind. Enjoy your Boyne property, or if you wish, trade your time for vacations at over 1,800 resorts in 85 countries.

Boyne Vacation Club takes care of the details so that you can indulge your dreams and your fantasies. Imagine it and make it happen. Plan a reunion… in London. Ski a mountain… at Big Sky. Golf eighteen… in northern Michigan. Touch a shark… in Tahiti. Boyne Vacation Club takes you where you want to go.


How it works

Don’t just see the world… Own it! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1.
No Boundaries

Purchase four weeks or more at a selected Boyne property and you can become a member. As a participant in Boyne’s rental management program, you can enjoy your property as you wish or trade your time for travel to any other Boyne Vacation Club site or to 1,800 resorts worldwide. Go where you want, when you want.

Step 2.
Ownership Has Its Rewards

Your Boyne property has a points value which you can save or trade for a stay at a different location. Each type of Vacation Club property has been assigned weekly and nightly point values based on factors such as size, location, season, unit value and demand.

Step 3.
Getting There

You are limited only by your imagination. Choose from locations worldwide and let Boyne Vacation Club make all the arrangements. Simply choose your destination based on your available points, reserve your time and we’ll do the rest.

If you have any questions about Boyne Vacation Club, please feel free to contact our club manager:


Diana Troxel
Boyne Vacation Club Manager



Rental Management

By participating in Boyne’s Rental Management Program, you can offset a good portion of your annual expenses for the year.  While no properties will “pay for themselves,” many have the potential to cover their annual association dues and property taxes with rental revenue.

When you consider most property’s association dues include the majority of the maintenance and utility costs associated with ownership, offsetting these expenses can represent a tremendous savings when compared to ownership of a similar property not located at our resorts.

In addition to the rental revenue brought in by renting your property, you also have the benefit of not having to maintain your property like you would off the resort.  You don’t have to mow your lawn, tend to the landscaping, shovel your driveway or rake the leaves; so you can spend your time and money doing the things you love in northern Michigan.


How it works

Revenues from rental are split 50/50 between BOYNE and the property owner and paid out quarterly. The cleaning fees for the room are included in BOYNE’s side of the revenue, meaning, the owner does not pay for cleaning from their half.

BOYNE’s new reserve fund for unit maintenance is based on a percentage of gross revenue and will be withdrawn from each quarter revenue check. This system will most accurately assist with the amounts needed to fund future furniture replacement and unit interior maintenance. The Owner Services offices will be recording expenses as they occur from reserves.

The percentage withdrawn for your furniture reserve is dependant on the type of property you own, but ranges between 3%-5%. Other expenses not taken out of your rental revenue are property taxes, association dues, hot tub maintenance, and utility bills.

We regularly review the Rental Management Program to ensure that it is owner-friendly, equitable and that it best reflects the interests of all rental management participants.  If you have any questions regarding rental management, please feel free to contact our team anytime:


Boyne Mountain Property Manager

Monica Spencer



Boyne Highlands Property Manager

Jennifer Miller



Bay Harbor & Crooked Tree Property Manager

Taylor Martin


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